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Kuts & Kure Cream

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Our Kuts & Kure Cream is perfect for any cuts or grazes. 100% natural ingredients which are anti-bacterial and optimise healing for your equine buddy's!

Our 100 year old recipe has been very successful for treating skin irritations and abrasions and creates a protective barrier in wet conditions.

➤ Promotes natural healing

➤ Helps to sooth inflammation

➤ Anti-bacterial

➤ Top quality ingredients

Free postage within the UK.

  • Beeswax
  • Mineral Salts
  • Mineral Oil

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Hayley Barge was Simpson
I am so pleased that i decided to give this product a try' Magic mud salve' after 4 years of having Sallenders and Mallenders with my hair cobs and trying everything possible nothing worked.... until now, had results within days of using this product I can highly recommend it . Very helpful people too
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Bev Oconnor
this stuff is amazing heard about it from a friend ,thought they were being over the top when they said how quick it cleared up her ponies mallanders , omg does it do what it says !!! within 12 hrs !!yes 12 the little cob who I used it on was standing and not going to bite as I touched her legs and the scabs had gone ,using it now on my friesian who has had a patch on back legs for 10yrs just above ergot ,nothing heals it, so here goes !! and applied the itch cream at top of her mane and today came in and didn't hang her head out scratching ,they are such lovely genuine folk to deal with to ,I will def be going back for more 😊😊
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Anita Worden
fabulous stuff highly recommended our cobs mallenders were horrendous tried everything going but nothing worked. This stuff works a treat its amazing, oh and what a lovely guy he is too delivered to my doorstep for me and we had a right good chat about 🐴🐴🐴👍👍
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Lisa Bainbridge
I have just recently started to use this on my mares Mallanders and Sallanders and wow this stuff is amazing..thank you so much, I have now found something that actually works after spending hundreds of pounds on all different products 👍👍🙂🙂
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Michelle Stewart
Absolutely fantastic product, we tried everything and within days of receiving the cream, the mud rash was virtually gone, absolutely amazed by it. We tried all of the expensive big brand products and nothing was working, but Mickey B's mud rash got to work on day 1, and with continued use every couple of days, it has not come back. Can't thank you enough, I will be recommending it to everyone!
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Sarah Moore
Seriously tried & wasted so much money on almost every mud fever product I could buy but I can't tell you what magic is in this little paint pot. My ex racer suffered with mud fever all year round but within 3 days of gently rubbing in Mickeys magic mud cure the scabs were already dropping off. It's now my go to essential which I'll never be without.
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Sarah Nelson
Highly recommended used on my fell ponies legs with amazing results and saved me from having to cut off her relieved
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Victoria Louise O Neill
I’ve been using this for mellanders on my youngster who honestly was so sore I struggled getting anything on but I had tried most lotions potions shampoos creams as you do 😩 so I wasn’t really expecting this one to work but you just want to give everything a go so I got a tin 🥫 OMG I have not been shy when applying because he doesn’t keep still but it’s all clear both legs have clean pink skin he has a small scab on the near side but that was really deep so I’m confident that will clear up soon 👌 can’t recommend enough ❤️
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