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Natural Healing For Animals

Made with love for the ones you love, all natural quality ingredients which fight bacteria and promote healing.
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Emma Wychwood
Been using this for 2 days and you can really see the difference in my mares mallenders. Easy to apply and no sickly fragrance. Easy to order and fast delivery. Would recommend this 100 %.
Reviewer Profile Pic
Penny Cavill
Thank you for the Kuts and Kure sample, I have used it and was very pleased with it but I am absolutely delighted with the Magic Mud Salve which I use on the sallenders and mallenders of both my Gypsy Cobs, it is amazing! It seems instantly soothing and quickly shows signs of healing. I shall be reordering shortly!
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Patricia Stewart Greer
I tried the Mud Salve on 2 horses with Mud rash and within 2 days I could see a big difference. The Itch Itch Away is AMAZING!! I have a 2yo who has been scratching since Dec and we have tried many products on him after worming de-lice etc. yours was a game-changer. the next day I could see him different. I have only applied it twice in one wk and he has stopped scratching and his coat is getting a shine again. A happy horse. Thank you
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Jenny Capstick
Amazing product.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I use it on my horse that has sweet itch and I use the Itchy itch away balm to help soothe his skin, prevent midges from biting and to prevent him rubbing and making his skin sore. So far so good he hasn't had a bad break out.
Reviewer Profile Pic
Melanie Wilkinson
I’m really kicking myself about not taking before and after pictures as you wouldn’t believe the results, my pony’s legs were swollen, infected and sore resulting in him being lame. I clipped his legs and have been applying Mickey B’s cream the next day the swelling had gone and the cream had clearly worked overnight. After applying twice a day for three days the results were amazing. I highly recommend anyone to buy this product as it’s affordable and it really does work, I'll continue to use this cream to prevent any more problems in the future. Thanks, Mickey B’s I can't recommend you enough. If you want results this is the stuff!
Reviewer Profile Pic
Victoria Partridge
5 years I’ve tried to find something Monty isn’t allergic or have reactions too, this cream is amazing not only does it not burn his skin it actually works on his mallanders and for the first time in 5 years he only has flaky skin, no bleeding sores. I recommend it to anyone looking for something for sallanders and mallanders. Very happy customer thank you.
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Ryan Holmes
Best thing ever. highly recommended. 👍👍👍
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Tina Eadson
I've used this for just a few days on my mare for sallanders the improvement has been remarkable.

100 Year Old Family Recipe

Our fell pony - Chloe
Our lovely FELL PONY- Chloe
Designed and handcrafted by Morecambe artisans over 100 years ago. In those days, horses were as popular as cars are now, an integral part of the community that transported locals and tourists around the area.

It is common for our horses to develop mud rash, which can cause them a great deal of discomfort. There are many old wives' tales of cures and treatments, but none of them seem to work.

It was out of love and necessity that we developed a recipe that finally packs a punch and helps to heal the ailments that our four-legged friends had incurred. We are transforming our recipe into a complete range of animal-friendly products to share with animal lovers all over the world. We handcraft each product with top-quality ingredients. Our customers will speak for themselves.

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